Thomas Chandler is the hard working and talented Chief Executive Officer of Blair Natural Fragrances. He is the husband of Adele Chandler and father of Kamryn. Khloe and Xavier. Lately Thomas has been on the outs with his wife Adele, and is going through his own unique  version of a mid-life crisis. 

Known for his riveting portrayal as Pastor Ayres in the Oscar Nominated Hidden Figures, actor Robert McKay is an extremely versatile actor with a humble and down to earth spirit. Robert's film credits include Ladder 49 with John Travolta, Jersey Girl with Ben Affleck, and We Own The Night with Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Whalberg. Some of his primetime television credits include Marvel's Daredevil, Gotham, Law And Order, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Blue Blood, The Breaks, House of Cards, Hostages, Third Watch, and The Sopranos


Kamryn is the oldest daughter of Thomas and Adele Chandler, who is an extremely bright chemist with a degree from Princeton University. Kamryn is married to her college sweetheart Elijah, but has never forgotten about her high school love Vaughn. Kamryn longs for a child, but unfortunately has been struggling with infertility over a year; in addition to other serious marital problems that she is becoming more and more frustrated with. 

Landra is the Creator, Co-Executive Producer, Co-Writer, and Co-Director of Asunder The Series. As an actress her screen credits include Sextuplets with Marlon Wayans, TV One's For My Man, Out Loud, The Catcher, Chocolate City, and Undercover Blue and the soon to be released feature film VEX. On Stage she has starred in an off Broadway production of Fame The Musical as the iconic character Ms. Sherwood. Her other stage credits include A Raisin in the Sun, Fences, Cries, Am I My Brother's Keeper? Mohits of Motown, and the historical play based on her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, 50 and Fabulous


Yaw Asamoah is a Chief Inspector for London's Scotland Yard. He routinely works with Interpol and the FBI on high profile cases. He was born and raised in Accra, Ghana and moved to London for college. A high profile case has brought him to work indefinitely in America with his brother FBI Agent Kwadwo Mensah. 

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Chance is the younger brother of Serena Hanes, and the personal security for City Council woman Barbara Bullock. With years of tactical  training under his belt, Chance is a true asset to any government official. 

Law has studied acting at The Studio Theatre Conservatory in Washington, DC. He has appeared in various industrial films for Geico, The US Army, AARP, The Department of Labor, and Laureate Education. His primetime TV credits include Law and Order SVU and Power. His commercial work includes Discovery Channel, Google, Hilton, and Blue Cross. He appeared in an episode of TV One's For My Man, and guest starred in the Emmy award winning web series Anacostia


Serena Hanes is the Executive Secretary for Thomas Chandler at Chandler Parfums and Cosmetics Corporation. She is the oldest of her two siblings Chance and O'Shea and has spent her like taking care of her younger brothers. Serena has not had it easy in life, and is determined to make it to the top of the Big Bad Apple by any means necessary. 

Actress, Director, and Singer Lauren B. Martin is well known for her role as the very loving Camille Bennett on CBS' long running Soap Opera As The World Turns. It was this role that garnered her a Soap Opera Digest Nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her other daytime credits include Nurse Sheryl on Guiding Light, and Susan on All My Children. Her primetime television credits include, Law and Order, and Cosby. Lauren was recently nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama at the 2017 Indie Series Awards for her role as Tia Angie in Pride The Series. 


Elijah is a brilliant chemist and Princeton University alum who married his college sweetheart Kamryn Chandler. Elijah works closely with his wife at Chandler Parfums and Cosmetics Corporation to create formulas and fragrances in their high end laboratory. Elijah has been dealing with his own internal struggles for many years, and it is taking a serious toll on his marriage. 

A native of Washington, DC, Terrence is an actor and singer best known for his role on the Emmy award winning Netflix show House of Cards. Terrence has been performing since the age of two, captivating audiences around the country performing at such places like the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington, DC. His other television credits include Gotham, VEEP and The Blacklist. His film credits include Roxanne Roxanne starring Mahersala Ali, and Born in the Game starring Lil' Mama. 


FBI Agent Siobhan Huntley is the partner of Kwadwo Mensah. She doesn't look her age, which proves to be very useful on certain cases. Feisty and no-nonsense, Agent Huntley takes her job with the bureau very seriously. 

Kathleen Liautaud is an actress, producer, and artist who has appeared in multiple independent projects. She has appeared in Discovery's Pursuit with John Walsh, and will be appearing in the soon to be released feature film VEX. She is working on her own independent project, Prize. You can also spot Kathleen nationwide on the current Nestle Crunch commercial. 


Piper is the wife f Dante Blair, and is the Chief Communications Officer at Blair Natural Fragrances Ltd. An excellent communicator, Piper is very passionate about her job, despite her recent struggles in her marriage. 

Alexandra Merritt Mathews is a New York based actor, singer, director and writer originally from Buffalo, New York. Alexandra recently received her MFA in Acting from The New School for Drama. She also holds a BA in Comparative Literature from The University of Chicago. He film credits include: Dwelling, and Mind Over Body. Her theater credits include Recipe for a Witch, The Comedy of Errors, No Baby, Plath/Hughes. Spring's Awakening, Twelfth Night, and The Baltimore Waltz


Austin Blair is the astute and cut throat Chief Executive Officer of Blair Natural Fragrances Ltd. Never one to bite his tongue, Austin tells it like it is. Husband to Dionne, and father of Dante and Dallas, Austin ants nothing more than for their family to beat out rival company Chandler Parfums and Cosmetics by any means necessary.

Tony D. Head returned to New York in February 2014 from the Washington, D.C. area to create the role of Henry in the critically acclaimed new play Hounds of War, which opened at Abingdon Theater. Since then, he has appeared in the HBO Series VEEP and several pilots. Tony played Major Bobby Reade in the very popular HBO series The Wire, and has worked in numerous recurring roles for daytime and primetime TV. He will be appearing in the upcoming feature film Striver's Row. Tony was nominated for a 2017 Indie Series Award for Best Guest Actor in a Drama for his work on Pride The Series. 


Dionne is the sophisticated yet elusive matriarch of the Blair family, She is the Chief Business Officer of Blair Natural Fragrances Ltd. and has been bitter rivals with Adele Thomas since high school. Despite the ups and downs in her marriage to Austin Blair, Dionne never lets the public see her swear. 

Audrey received her Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, Her stage experience includes appearing as Miss Maudie in To Kill A Mockingbird, as well as The Reluctant Lady, The Gingerbread Man, and Picnic and Sideman. Her daytime television credits include the ABC soap opera All My Children, and the NBC soap opera Another World. Her film credits include roles in Beauty is Pain, Village Idiots, and Here Rising


Victor King is the personal chef of Thomas and Adele Chandler, and prepares meals at the Chandler estate on a daily basis. Having studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in London, Victor is a true connoisseur of all things food. Loyal, hard working and passionate, Victor has been able to become successful in his craft despite being raised in the projects in South Jamaica, Queens. 

Dwayne Parker lives in New York where he works as an actor, director, and producer. He is the Co-Executive Producer, Co-Writer and Co-Director of Asunder The Series. Dwayne has a hstory in media working in production at NBC, MSNBC, and the Oxygen Network. His most recent onscreen appearance was starring as Knight in the award winning feature film VEX. His other screen credits include Fugue, Fruit of Love, and Chocolate City The Series


Jackson Graham is the only son of wealthy investor parents Jacqueline and Jermaine. A true renaissance man and jack of all trades, Jackson is the secret first love of Thomas and Adele's middle child Xavier Chandler. As a diligent supporter of his parent's ownership in the New York Post newspaper and other businesses that they own, Jackson moonlights as a reporter focusing on business and politics. He is also a restauranteur and regrets his break up with Xavier. 

Dorell Anthony is the Indie Series Awards nominated Creator, Writer, Producer and Lead Actor of Pride The Series. Dorell's daytime television credits include General Hospital, and All My Children. His other TV credits include Blue Bloods. In. a twist of serial storytelling fate. Dorell will be re-united with fellow Pride The Series actors Lauren B. Martin (Tia Angie), and Tony D. Head who played his father George on the show. 

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